ASIAN ELECTRIC INDUSTRY LTD. is one of the leading manufactories that are located in Phatumthanee Province, We are focused on produce Electric Fans in Thailand. We have been specialized on making the Electric Fan since 2000. Our products have achieved approved with Saving Energy No. 5 and CE testing by ITS standard. We have exported our product to other country such as Malaysia, Srilanka, and so on.
       We are affiliated to MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industries), which means our products are entitled to a flat rate of import tax of 5% within South East Asia region. Our presence is felt in a few countries markets with a strong, solid foundation.
       We have our products available for export in supreme quality & competitive price and seek reputable buyers for a long term purchasing contact. Contacts us in the case of possible interest in the above mentioned products, including OEM ,and CKD services and we shall be more than glad to give you more information on specifications, price and our considerable terms and conditions.
       Since Asian Electric Industry Ltd. is one of the most advanced manufactories, We have kept upgrading our product developments rapidly, For more information about new development of our products, We would like to present you more services, Regarding to our products, we offer some advanced services as : one year guarantee of motor
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